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Safe Medicine Drop

Consumer Drug Take-Back Program

The opioid epidemic is impacting communities and families across the US – from rural farm towns to highly populated urban areas and across every demographic.

Inmar Intelligence is working to help education Americans on the dangers of leaving prescription drugs unattended in the home, specifically opioids and benzodiazepines.  Disposing of your medication properly makes your community a healthier and safer place.

  • Why – Unused and expired drugs in the house can be dangerous
  • What – Dispose them safely and for free at a place convenient to you
  • Who – SafeMedicineDrop.com – Inmar’s consumer take back program

Inmar Intelligence

Inmar Intelligence is a data and tech-enabled services company. We create insights and turn them into actions —
to help brands, retailers and healthcare providers do more, save more, connect more and earn more  in the face of changing markets and consumer behaviors.

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