Maine FAQ

What Can I Put in the Kiosk?

If you have a medical emergency, contact 911.

What is Inmar Intelligence’s LifeinCheck Consumer Drug Take-Back Program?

This program offers consumers the ability to safely dispose of unwanted, unused, or expired medication.

How do I dispose of my expired or unwanted medicine?

There are a number of ways to dispose of expired or unwanted medications. You can utilize convenient kiosks, mail-back services, or take-back events. See more information on how to use these services here.

I am unable to go to a kiosk or attend a take-back event. How can I dispose of my expired or unused medicine?

You can use mail-back services for unwanted medicines. Visit the mail-back section of to order a mail-back package

Are there disposal locations near me?

Find drug disposal kiosk drop-off sites in your area here.

Is this service free?

The service is provided at no cost to you.

Should I remove my personal information before disposing of my medication?

When destroying medication, please make every attempt to safeguard your Protected Health Information (PHI). Remove any personally identifiable information on medication labels or product packaging before disposing.

What does Inmar Intelligence trace about me?

We don’t trace anything about you. We use the information entered to send an envelope. We never open the envelope later.

Is the package I send my medication in opened after I send it?

No, the envelope is destroyed immediately after being received.

What does Inmar Intelligence report?

We only report how many envelopes were sent back during the year and the total weight. We do not report anything about you.

Where else can I find information about the safe disposal of expired or unwanted medicines?

For further information about safe medication storage and destruction practices, please see the U.S. Food & Drug Administration information pagePoison Control Center information page, and the DEA information page.

I have a question not answered by this website. Is there someone I can contact with a question about the program?

Please write to us at with any questions.

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